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Underwater crib of Sant’Elia

The crib was built in other suggestive corners of the small Santeliese village, natural promontories and caves which have always given suggestive atmospheres, this has always been possible thanks to the union and synergy of the Santeliesi boys who have voluntarily done their utmost to organize and take care of everything in the greatest possible way. ways.

In a few hours we will make a real “dive” into the past, magical as it once was and you will be able to admire the new underwater nativity scene 2022.
As a municipal councilor, I would like to thank all those who have donated their time, energy and who have made it possible to achieve all of this in a very short time.
We thank the parish priest Don Giuseppe Balistreri who immediately embraced the idea, then the Mayor D’agostino Giuseppe and the prime minister Marino Daniele.
I continue by thanking Francesco Gargano who, thanks to his mastery and the donated material, has helped all of us. Thanks to Fabio Caltagirone , Giovanni Andolina , Salvo Guzzo, Salvatore Coniglio, Felice Orsini and Nazzareno Cicatello always available, operational and ready to give their contribution.
I continue by thanking Vincenzo Cannella, a precious and impeccable technician in everything he designs and takes care of brilliantly.
Last but not least, I thank Mr. Nicola Tomasello, a unique and sensitive man who loves our country who strongly wanted the realization of all this by spending himself together with all of us.
Sunday 24 December 2022, at 11.00 pm, we await you at the Maria SS Addolorata di Sant’Elia church for the vigil and mass of Holy Christmas, at the end of the procession from the church it will arrive at the cove, where many divers will wait for the baby Jesus to immerse him in the beautiful backdrop of the cove.

Sicily & Food… Cunti, Songs and Sicilian Food in Santa Nicolicchia

Friday 23 September at 8.00 pm in Largo Santa Nicolicchia, a small corner of Santa Flavia, the event “Sicily & Food … Cunti, songs and Sicilian food” will be held. Event organized by the Pro Loco Santa Flavia and La Città che Verei Santa Flavia in collaboration with the Cuocarini in Tour.

Intrattenimento con Giuseppe Ferrara Fisarmonica e Alfredo Orlando Animazione. Evento realizzato grazie agli sponsor Ristorante All’Ancora, Industrie Conserve Ittice Mari Blue, ASD Sabikah, Antico Panificio Don Pietro, Macelleria Capriccio, Alimentari Zizzo, Panificio Lorenzo D’Amato, Panificio Fricano, Spizzuliamo, Panificio Scafidi, Latticini Di Leo Aldo, Antico Forno a Legna Coffaro, Monet L’Arte della Pizza, Cooperativa SGD Srl, Panificio F.lli D’Amato, Supermercato C.M. Margherita Conad, Busnaghi Kebab. Si ringrazia il Comune di Santa Flavia per il Patrocinio Gratuito.

The necropolis of Solunto: Solunto Virtual Tour 360 °

On Monday 19 September 2022 at 6.00 pm at Villa Filangeri in Santa Flavia, the tourist promotion event “The necropolis of Solunto” will take place. A 360 ° virtual tour.


  • Giuseppe D’Agostino, Mayor of Santa Flavia
  • Mimmo Targia, Director of the Archaeological Park of Solunto, Himera and Lato
  • Salvatore Tosi, Head of the Metropoli Est LAG plan
  • Emanuele Tornatore, Archaeologist, coordinator of the project
  • Alessia Brucato, Archaeologist, specialist in aerial photogrammetry and computational methods for archaeological research
  • Alberto Urcia, Archaeologist, aerial photogrammetry and digital restoration specialist
  • Elisa Brener, Archaeologist, specialist in 3D reconstructions for the enhancement of cultural heritage.

The dance show inspired by one of Verga’s masterpieces at the archaeological area of ​​Solunto

It will be the dance show inspired by one of Giovanni Verga’s masterpieces to mark the turning point of “Visione Meridiana”, the artistic project conceived by Aurelio Gatti and Vito Meccio and promoted by the Regional Department of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity, dedicated to the Mediterranean man.
Friday 26 August, at 9 pm (free admission subject to availability), the archaeological area of ​​Solunto, in Santa Flavia, will host the performance “La Lupa”, choreography by Carlotta Bruni born from an idea by Aurelio Gatti, with the dancers Lucia Cinquegrana, Polina Lukanska and Matteo Gentiluomo.
Giovanni Verga’s “La lupa” prompts us to question the power and impotence of social schemes and conventions. The she-wolf seems to live beyond good and evil, in a dimension of excess of being, and all those who come across her can only take refuge in the “institutions” of religion and the law. Reason and religion are the great allies and the great absentees from the horizon of this novel, published in 1880.
We speak of the wolf as we would speak of the devil, because its ability to deconstruct the human rational equilibrium is comparable only to the evil force of Satan, with which only religion can and must oppose, but even Father Angiolino of Santa Maria di Gesù, a true servant of God, he had lost his soul for her.
In the text the relationship that is established between temptation, religion and magic is emblematic, and the choreographer Carlotta Bruni is on this aspect that centers her creation. Love and death fight hard without any possibility of compromise. Beyond the rather simple fable, the attention lies in human tragedy in necessarily strong colors. It is here that the authenticity of realism, of which Verga is one of the greatest exponents, gives us back an archaic, rough world, with primeval emotions, in which eros and ethos fight in a duel that can only have its epilogue in death. .
“Visione Meridiana” is a project carried out by the Agricantus Cooperative of Palermo and by Estreusa of Caltanissetta with the support of the national network of Stone Theaters. The program ends on Sunday 28 August at the Arab Bath of Cefalà Diana with the staging of “PerSéFone” by Ghianni Ritsos, with Elisa Di Dio directed by Filippa Ilardo.

Source: PalermoToday

Santa Flavia participates in the PATHS OF TREASURES

Finally Santa Flavia, on the path of “La Via dei Tesori”, therefore present at the fifteenth edition of the streets of the Treasures which will take place on Sundays of 10 and 17 October from 9.00 to 14.00 in our town. It is an unmissable opportunity for the area: to become part of this festival, which offers an extraordinary showcase to the most precious historical sites, environmental and cultural routes of Sicily, giving visitors uncommon experiences that are often not easy to live.
There will be two guided tours: the first dedicated to Villa Filangeri and its Historical Park, while the second to Porticello, the fishing village and the shipwright. All this was possible thanks to the willingness of the entire administration in seeking and obtaining the inclusion in this event and in particular, the Councilor for culture Antonella Cavezzano, the Artistic Director Ezio Di Liberto, the Pro loco Santa Flavia worked. in the person of its president Antonina Imboccari, “Rotary, Rotaract, Interact club Bagheria”, the Civil Protection of Santa Flavia.

For those wishing to continue reading here is a bit of history proposing the two paths:

1. Santa Flavia – Villa Filangeri and Historical Park. The sumptuous residence of the prince with the centuries-old park was the summer residence of the Filangeri, princes of the territory, boasts a park of about 8,500 square meters full of pines, ficus, palm trees, basins, statues, stone seats, artificial mounds. The original nucleus dates back to the early decades of the seventeenth century when a small house owned by a priest stood in the area. In 1666, Prince Pietro Filangeri bought the house and the adjacent church of Sant’Anna, which was later transformed into the current Soluntina Basilica of Sant’Anna. Today the Villa has a Baroque style façade, with stucco medallions and Rococo garlands, a spectacular double flight of steps and four white marble statues, allegory of the Four Seasons. Inside, the billiard room designed by Ernesto Basile, with wooden paneling. At the entrance, on the left side, a small chapel with a neo-Gothic façade. In the rear elevation, which looks towards the park, there is the Winter Garden also created by Basile: a tuff structure with round arches, closed by windows with bronze fixtures and an artificial hill with a romantic taste, with a small bronze coffee house. Today the Villa is the seat of the Municipality of Santa Flavia. For info and reservations for this experience CLICK HERE.

2. Porticello, the fishing village and the shipwright.
The village of the ancient tonnaroti with the craftsman of boats is the heart of the maritime history of Porticello: the area is called San Nicolicchio, from the name of the church of San Nicola, built in 1439 and no longer existing, right there it found its first location the ancient slate painting that portrays the Madonna del Lume. According to popular tradition, the painting was found among the nets of some fishermen in the stretch of water in front of the bay.
In the eighteenth century, on the initiative of some fishermen, a larger church was built, where the venerated painting is still preserved on the altar. Every year, in October, the feast in honor of the Patroness is celebrated with an ancient and evocative procession of boats.
In the area stood the marfaraggio of the trap of Sant’Elia, that is the complex of buildings intended for the processing of tuna and also some warehouses and lodgings where the tonnaroti, that is the workers of the trap, resided.
A moment of particular interest of the visit will be the meeting in his yard with one of the last ax masters, Franco Lo Coco (son of Mastro Michele) who will tell visitors about techniques and curiosities about this very particular craft that has now almost disappeared, that of construction. by hand of boats, when they were still made of wood. For info and booking of this experience CLICK HERE.

Let’s meet in Santa Flavia, a Sunday of culture at Villa Filangeri

“Meet us in Santa Flavia” is an initiative with free admission, organized by the “Events and Culture” Association with the patronage of the Sicilian Regional Assembly and the Municipality of Santa Flavia.
The event will also make use of the collaboration of the Tourist Association Pro Loco of Santa Flavia and the Siciliando community.
The gates will be open from 10 to 13 in the morning and from 16 to 20 in the afternoon.

The event will be structured as follows:
– Second edition of “Splendore e nobiltà” with an exhibition of the period costumes of the costume designer Ignazio Rondone.
– Guided escort service between the palace and the garden.
– “The artists’ garden” with an artistic impromptu and exhibition of works.
– Presentation of the book “The mulberry tree” by Flavese Gaetana Anna Maria Restivo, which tells the intriguing story of the author’s family.

It is specified that access to the event will be regulated at the entrance to the monumental complex of Villa Filangeri, according to the anti-covid regulations in force.

Entry to those without a Green Pass will be categorically forbidden.

Soleluna bathing facilities

SOLELUNA in a fabulous beach setting, provides customers with a complete service, with the possibility to rent sunbeds, umbrellas and enjoy the peace that only the sea and the sun can give.

Technical Sheet Soleluna Bathing Equipment Rental

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