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SOLUNTO 2023 – Presentation of the results of the new excavations

SOLUNTO 2023 - Presentation of the results of the new excavations

Saturday 15 July 2023 7.00 pm
Villa De Lisi – Archaeological Area of Solunto (Santa Flavia – Palermo)

Saluti e presentazioni di apertura

Domenico Targia
Direttore del Parco Archeologico di Himera, Solunto e Monte Iato

Antonina Imboccari
Presidente dell’Associazione Pro Loco Santa Flavia APS e dell’ASDC Sabikah

Gjusy Galioto

Speakers will:

Elisa Chiara Portale
Professor of Classical Archaeology, Culture and Society Department, University of Palermo

Gilberto Montali
Professor of Classical Archaeology, Culture and Society Department, University of Palermo

Massimo Limoncelli
Researcher of Methodology of archaeological research, Department of Cultures and Society, University of Palermo

John Polizzi
Researcher of Archaeological Research Methodology (Samothrace Project), Department of Culture and Society, University of Palermo

Laura Schepis
PhD candidate in Cultural Sciences, Department of Culture and Society, University of Palermo

Villa Filangeri – History, Culture and Social from 21 to 23 July 2023

The Sicilian Amici della Musica Association with the patronage of the MiC, the Metropolitan City of Palermo and the Municipality of Santa Flavia and in collaboration with the Pro Loco Santa Flavia APS Association, the ASDC Sabikah, the ASDC OPEN SPACE, the ASDC BALLET SCHOOL and the Parish of the Soluntina Basilica of Sant’Anna, organized the event “Villa Filangeri – History, Culture and Social“, which will be held on 21, 22 and 23 July 2023 in Santa Flavia (PA) in the splendid setting history of Villa Filangeri.

During the three days there will be animated guided tours of Villa Filangeri and the Basilica Soluntina (three shifts: 10.00 – 11.00; 11.00 -12.00; 12.00 – 13.00. For info and reservations: Dott.ssa Imboccari 3205511364); music workshops for children (three shifts: 16.00 – 17.00; 17.00 – 18.00; 18.00 – 19.00) by Dr. O. Moscato; concerts starting at 21.00 (July 21 – Diego Spitaleri; July 22 – Vivacidade duo; July 23 – the Trio Quiròs). Participation in all events is free; admission subject to availability.

Follow the updates of the events on RoadsToSolanto Santa Flavia and Visit SantaFlavia.

Flavese Carnival 2023, two days of fun for the little ones

The Municipal Administration of Santa Flavia, together with the Pro Loco of Santa Flavia, the ASDC Sabikah Association, the Association The City I Wish Santa Flavia and the Cuocarini in Tour present the Flavese Carnival 2023 “Together in the Square”.

The Associazione Nuovo Sentiero Onlus and the “Noi con Voi” parish group of Santa Flavia have collaborated in the realization of the event ASD Centro Studio Danza of Bagheria (PA). The service is curated by Il Suono delle Tue Emozioni by Gaetano La Licata.


Saturday 18 February 2023 at 10.30
Opening of the Flavese Carnival Festival 2023 at Villa Filangeri “U Nannu ‘ca Nanna”. the Municipal Administration, together with the Musical Band, welcomes the typical Termite masks (inspired by the imagery of the end of the 19th century) symbols of the abundance and joy of the carnival. In the morning, entertainment for children, adolescents and young people. In closing, the thanks of the Mayor who delivers the commemorative plaque to “U Nannu ‘ca Nanna”.

Sunday 19 February 2023 3.00 pm
The Flavese Carnival 2023 continues… See you all “Together in the Square”, Largo Trizzanò (Porticello). Music and entertainment for masked children and adolescents, with the involvement of families and the entire Flavese community. For all the “Dolce Merenda a cura dei Cuocarini in Tour” (tasting of typical carnival sweets). The Municipal Administration will award (*) masks for children/adolescents: the three most original, folkloristic, colorful and harmonious.

(*) The award consists of the granting of three contributions to support the socio-educational and training path of children and/or adolescents; one for each awarded mask.

Opening Punic Necropolis of Solunto

We inform citizens that on Sunday 8 January it will be possible to visit the Punic necropolis located in via Consolare free of charge. It will be an important moment to make known, especially to the little ones, a place that contains our history. We await you at the meeting point of Villa Filangeri at 10:00 to then proceed with the visit.

Discover the Necropolis in the photo by Antonino Salinas from 1890. Clicca Qui!

The necropolis consists of chamber tombs with dromos (ie the access ladder), dug into the calcarenite bank. Some of the discovered tombs contained accompanying artefacts, including some valuable terracotta statuettes from the Hellenistic age, now exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Palermo.

The Christmas Sleigh arrives in Santa Flavia

Tuesday 27 December from 15.00 at the Lungomare (Via dei Cantieri) in Sant’Elia, a hamlet of Santa Flavia, the event called “La Slitta di Natale” will be held, the event is organized by the Pro Loco Association of Santa Flavia in collaboration with the Cuocarine in Tour. Also thanks for the Free Patronage of the Municipality of Santa Flavia.

– 3.15 pm Creative Workshop
– 4.30 pm Cineforum “The Nutcracker and the Four Kingdoms” followed by a snack offered by the Cuocarine in Tour.

You can also admire the “House of Santa Claus” with its Elves, where you can take your photos to publish.

We thank the sponsors who allowed the realization of the event, namely Il Babio Bar in Bagheria, Spizzuliamu in Santa Flavia and the Tosto Chiosco in Porticello Santa Flavia.

Underwater crib of Sant’Elia

The crib was built in other suggestive corners of the small Santeliese village, natural promontories and caves which have always given suggestive atmospheres, this has always been possible thanks to the union and synergy of the Santeliesi boys who have voluntarily done their utmost to organize and take care of everything in the greatest possible way. ways.

In a few hours we will make a real “dive” into the past, magical as it once was and you will be able to admire the new underwater nativity scene 2022.
As a municipal councilor, I would like to thank all those who have donated their time, energy and who have made it possible to achieve all of this in a very short time.
We thank the parish priest Don Giuseppe Balistreri who immediately embraced the idea, then the Mayor D’agostino Giuseppe and the prime minister Marino Daniele.
I continue by thanking Francesco Gargano who, thanks to his mastery and the donated material, has helped all of us. Thanks to Fabio Caltagirone , Giovanni Andolina , Salvo Guzzo, Salvatore Coniglio, Felice Orsini and Nazzareno Cicatello always available, operational and ready to give their contribution.
I continue by thanking Vincenzo Cannella, a precious and impeccable technician in everything he designs and takes care of brilliantly.
Last but not least, I thank Mr. Nicola Tomasello, a unique and sensitive man who loves our country who strongly wanted the realization of all this by spending himself together with all of us.
Sunday 24 December 2022, at 11.00 pm, we await you at the Maria SS Addolorata di Sant’Elia church for the vigil and mass of Holy Christmas, at the end of the procession from the church it will arrive at the cove, where many divers will wait for the baby Jesus to immerse him in the beautiful backdrop of the cove.

Christmas of Loving in Santa Flavia, workshops, shows and entertainment

On 24 and 27 December 2022, the events of the initiative called “Natale d’Amare” will take place. All organized by ASDC Sabikah with the funding of the GAC Gulf of Termini Imerese and the free sponsorship of the Municipality of Santa Flavia.

Saturday 24 December 2022 in Porticello fraction of Santa Flavia, from 9 to 13, Workshop “History and tradition of fishing: the Phoenicians and the tuna fishery” and viewing of films on tuna fishing and transformation. Entertainment for children at the “Fiocco di Neve” corner, where you can take pictures and receive sweets. Distribution of informative material. Porticello (Santa Flavia, PA).

Tuesday 27 December 2022 at the Lungomare (Via Dei Cantieri) in Sant’Elia from 15.30 to 19.30, Laboratory “A sea of ​​plastic”, the theme of plastic and the problem of pollution will be addressed. Together with the participants, 5 rules will be defined to respect the sea and the environment. Finally, small gadgets will be made with the material found on the beach by the operators or by the children themselves as a creative recycling activity. Distribution of informative material. Animation with Mascots, Santa Claus, Natalina and the Elves distributing sweets and sweets; Christmas baby dance. Sant’Elia (Santa Flavia, PA).

Art & Fashion in the Villa… A special evening between fashion and craftsmanship

Sunday 4 December 2022 in Villa Filangeri in Santa Flavia, the evening event dedicated to fashion and craftsmanship will be held, born from the collaboration between Pro Loco Santa Flavia, ASDC Sabikah and Le Creazioni di Igi Urban Jewels. We thank the Municipality of Santa Flavia, for the free patronage for the realization of the event.

The evening will be presented by Giuseppe Messina and Emilia Lombardo, during the event there will be speeches by the poet Anita Vitrano, the writer Nina Tarantino and the musicians Pacha & Pote. You can admire the works of the painters Sara Granà and Claudia Clemente. Service and Entertainment by Il Suono delle Tue Emozioni. Hair & Makeup by Ma la…. Female Air & makeup designer. The Artistic Direction is by Giuseppe Messina, Coordination by Antonina Imboccari and Ignazia Papa and finally promotion by Zizzo Pietro.
Program of the day
– 10.00 Start of the Craft Market
– 11.00 am Villa Filangeri Tourist Guide – 4.00 pm – 6.00 pm Entertainment for children
– 5.30 pm Fashion show
During the evening the works created by local artisans and those from the surrounding areas will be exhibited, a part of which will be worn by models and models during the fashion show. The artisans present are Mama Ballon, ALaMain Intrecci Preziosi, Le Creazioni di Dany, KREA Artist, Antonella and her creations, Arti e Crochet, Happy Creative, La Bottega di Happy and Tiry Wireart.
The evening is realized, thanks to the sponsors, who have contributed to the realization of the event. Thanks to MC Club Tour Operator, Patrizia Di Piazza Ceramiche, Bisbetica Chic Ceramiche, Sabina Idee Regalo and Bjoux, Energy Team 24, Alimentari Zizzo, Alesi, Busnaghi Kebab and Monet, Quadrifoglio Shop and Tipografia Solunto. Also during the evening, the Technical Sponsor The Sound of Your Emotions will be with us.
For more information call 3205511364, 3397931987 or 3392802749.

“Rinaldo is a knight”, the show by Cuticchio at the Solunto park

The Antonio Pasqualino Museum presents “Morgana Off”, “Rinaldo is a knight”, a show by the Franco Cuticchio Company, son of art.

The event will take place on Sunday 16 October 2022, in the square in front of the antiquarium of the Archaeological Park of Solunto, with the following program:

  • 5.00 pm Meeting with the Puparo
  • 18.00 Show

Rinaldo is a fictional character belonging to the Carolingian cycle, one of the twelve paladins of France who make up the chosen guard of Emperor Charlemagne. Orlando’s cousin and rival in love, he contends with the beautiful Angelica both in Orlando in love and in Orlando furioso.

Admission is free

Le Vie dei Tesori 2022, Santa Flavia the trip out of Palermo

Le Vie dei Tesori is the largest circuit for the promotion of the cultural and landscape heritage of Sicily, which promotes all year round activities of storytelling, enhancement, opening to the public of the treasures of the island with a strong involvement of the community. An opportunity for citizens to reappropriate, an extraordinary event for tourists.

For the 2022 edition, on the website, Santa Flavia is recommended as a trip outside Palermo.
Sunday 16 and 23 from 10 to 13, with a duration of the visit of 50 minutes. Contribution of 3 €. Visit not accessible to disabled people.
Little Story: It was the summer residence of the Filangeri princes, with its park of about 8,500 square meters full of pines, ficus, palm trees, basins, statues, stone seats, artificial mounds. The original nucleus dates back to the first decades of the 17th century. Today it has a Baroque style façade, with stucco medallions and rococo garlands, a spectacular double flight of steps and four white marble statues, allegory of the Four Seasons. Inside, the billiard room designed by Ernesto Basile, with wooden paneling. On the left entrance, a small chapel with a neo-Gothic façade. In the rear elevation, which looks towards the park, there is the Winter Garden also created by Basile: a tuff structure with round arches, closed by windows with bronze fixtures and an artificial hill with a romantic taste. Today the Villa is the seat of the Municipality of Santa Flavia.
Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 15 (except October 2). Duration of the visit: 2 hours. Contribution € 25. Not accessible to the disabled.
Description: A boat tour to discover the Gulf of Santa Flavia: an excursion that will depart from Porticello to sail along the coast and admire the Castle of Solanto from the sea, built in Norman times during the reign of King Roger to protect the ancient trap. Then you will reach the Formica rock, the tip of a mountain that reaches the surface from 60 meters deep and comes out of the water for about half a meter, one of the most famous and visited diving spots in the area. Then continue to discover the chapel of Maria Santissima del Lume, the unprecedented perspective of the Capo Zafferano lighthouse to head towards the Kafara caves, visit the tiny and picturesque village of Sant’Elia and the bay of Santa Nicolicchia. In collaboration with Excursions Team Shark Lanzafame.