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Underwater crib of Sant’Elia

The crib was built in other suggestive corners of the small Santeliese village, natural promontories and caves which have always given suggestive atmospheres, this has always been possible thanks to the union and synergy of the Santeliesi boys who have voluntarily done their utmost to organize and take care of everything in the greatest possible way. ways.

In a few hours we will make a real “dive” into the past, magical as it once was and you will be able to admire the new underwater nativity scene 2022.
As a municipal councilor, I would like to thank all those who have donated their time, energy and who have made it possible to achieve all of this in a very short time.
We thank the parish priest Don Giuseppe Balistreri who immediately embraced the idea, then the Mayor D’agostino Giuseppe and the prime minister Marino Daniele.
I continue by thanking Francesco Gargano who, thanks to his mastery and the donated material, has helped all of us. Thanks to Fabio Caltagirone , Giovanni Andolina , Salvo Guzzo, Salvatore Coniglio, Felice Orsini and Nazzareno Cicatello always available, operational and ready to give their contribution.
I continue by thanking Vincenzo Cannella, a precious and impeccable technician in everything he designs and takes care of brilliantly.
Last but not least, I thank Mr. Nicola Tomasello, a unique and sensitive man who loves our country who strongly wanted the realization of all this by spending himself together with all of us.
Sunday 24 December 2022, at 11.00 pm, we await you at the Maria SS Addolorata di Sant’Elia church for the vigil and mass of Holy Christmas, at the end of the procession from the church it will arrive at the cove, where many divers will wait for the baby Jesus to immerse him in the beautiful backdrop of the cove.