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The dance show inspired by one of Verga’s masterpieces at the archaeological area of ​​Solunto

It will be the dance show inspired by one of Giovanni Verga’s masterpieces to mark the turning point of “Visione Meridiana”, the artistic project conceived by Aurelio Gatti and Vito Meccio and promoted by the Regional Department of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity, dedicated to the Mediterranean man.
Friday 26 August, at 9 pm (free admission subject to availability), the archaeological area of ​​Solunto, in Santa Flavia, will host the performance “La Lupa”, choreography by Carlotta Bruni born from an idea by Aurelio Gatti, with the dancers Lucia Cinquegrana, Polina Lukanska and Matteo Gentiluomo.
Giovanni Verga’s “La lupa” prompts us to question the power and impotence of social schemes and conventions. The she-wolf seems to live beyond good and evil, in a dimension of excess of being, and all those who come across her can only take refuge in the “institutions” of religion and the law. Reason and religion are the great allies and the great absentees from the horizon of this novel, published in 1880.
We speak of the wolf as we would speak of the devil, because its ability to deconstruct the human rational equilibrium is comparable only to the evil force of Satan, with which only religion can and must oppose, but even Father Angiolino of Santa Maria di Gesù, a true servant of God, he had lost his soul for her.
In the text the relationship that is established between temptation, religion and magic is emblematic, and the choreographer Carlotta Bruni is on this aspect that centers her creation. Love and death fight hard without any possibility of compromise. Beyond the rather simple fable, the attention lies in human tragedy in necessarily strong colors. It is here that the authenticity of realism, of which Verga is one of the greatest exponents, gives us back an archaic, rough world, with primeval emotions, in which eros and ethos fight in a duel that can only have its epilogue in death. .
“Visione Meridiana” is a project carried out by the Agricantus Cooperative of Palermo and by Estreusa of Caltanissetta with the support of the national network of Stone Theaters. The program ends on Sunday 28 August at the Arab Bath of Cefalà Diana with the staging of “PerSéFone” by Ghianni Ritsos, with Elisa Di Dio directed by Filippa Ilardo.

Source: PalermoToday