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Sicily & Food… Cunti, Songs and Sicilian Food in Santa Nicolicchia

Friday 23 September at 8.00 pm in Largo Santa Nicolicchia, a small corner of Santa Flavia, the event “Sicily & Food … Cunti, songs and Sicilian food” will be held. Event organized by the Pro Loco Santa Flavia and La Città che Verei Santa Flavia in collaboration with the Cuocarini in Tour.

Intrattenimento con Giuseppe Ferrara Fisarmonica e Alfredo Orlando Animazione. Evento realizzato grazie agli sponsor Ristorante All’Ancora, Industrie Conserve Ittice Mari Blue, ASD Sabikah, Antico Panificio Don Pietro, Macelleria Capriccio, Alimentari Zizzo, Panificio Lorenzo D’Amato, Panificio Fricano, Spizzuliamo, Panificio Scafidi, Latticini Di Leo Aldo, Antico Forno a Legna Coffaro, Monet L’Arte della Pizza, Cooperativa SGD Srl, Panificio F.lli D’Amato, Supermercato C.M. Margherita Conad, Busnaghi Kebab. Si ringrazia il Comune di Santa Flavia per il Patrocinio Gratuito.

The necropolis of Solunto: Solunto Virtual Tour 360 °

On Monday 19 September 2022 at 6.00 pm at Villa Filangeri in Santa Flavia, the tourist promotion event “The necropolis of Solunto” will take place. A 360 ° virtual tour.


  • Giuseppe D’Agostino, Mayor of Santa Flavia
  • Mimmo Targia, Director of the Archaeological Park of Solunto, Himera and Lato
  • Salvatore Tosi, Head of the Metropoli Est LAG plan
  • Emanuele Tornatore, Archaeologist, coordinator of the project
  • Alessia Brucato, Archaeologist, specialist in aerial photogrammetry and computational methods for archaeological research
  • Alberto Urcia, Archaeologist, aerial photogrammetry and digital restoration specialist
  • Elisa Brener, Archaeologist, specialist in 3D reconstructions for the enhancement of cultural heritage.

Kids & Enjoy, the two days for children in Sant’Elia in honor of Maria SS Addolorata

The Pro Loco of Santa Flavia, in collaboration with Giuseppe Messina Management and the ASDC Sabikah Association, present the “Kids & Enjoy” event for children, an event held during the Maria SS Addolorata di Sant’Elia celebrations.

Event Program:
📅 Friday 16 September 5.30 pm Parade of Walt Disney mascots, street artists and Baby Dance
📅 Saturday 17 September 5.30 pm Inflatables and entertainment for children
📍 Spreading Floor – Sant’Elia Santa Flavia

We thank the sponsors who contributed to the realization of the event, namely 3Periodico, MC Club Tour Operator, Drinko, InG. Vella Design and Business Consulting, Quadrifoglio Srl, Gi.Lu. Stationery, Zizzo food shop, Tobacco Boutique, Solunto Typography.

The dance show inspired by one of Verga’s masterpieces at the archaeological area of ​​Solunto

It will be the dance show inspired by one of Giovanni Verga’s masterpieces to mark the turning point of “Visione Meridiana”, the artistic project conceived by Aurelio Gatti and Vito Meccio and promoted by the Regional Department of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity, dedicated to the Mediterranean man.
Friday 26 August, at 9 pm (free admission subject to availability), the archaeological area of ​​Solunto, in Santa Flavia, will host the performance “La Lupa”, choreography by Carlotta Bruni born from an idea by Aurelio Gatti, with the dancers Lucia Cinquegrana, Polina Lukanska and Matteo Gentiluomo.
Giovanni Verga’s “La lupa” prompts us to question the power and impotence of social schemes and conventions. The she-wolf seems to live beyond good and evil, in a dimension of excess of being, and all those who come across her can only take refuge in the “institutions” of religion and the law. Reason and religion are the great allies and the great absentees from the horizon of this novel, published in 1880.
We speak of the wolf as we would speak of the devil, because its ability to deconstruct the human rational equilibrium is comparable only to the evil force of Satan, with which only religion can and must oppose, but even Father Angiolino of Santa Maria di Gesù, a true servant of God, he had lost his soul for her.
In the text the relationship that is established between temptation, religion and magic is emblematic, and the choreographer Carlotta Bruni is on this aspect that centers her creation. Love and death fight hard without any possibility of compromise. Beyond the rather simple fable, the attention lies in human tragedy in necessarily strong colors. It is here that the authenticity of realism, of which Verga is one of the greatest exponents, gives us back an archaic, rough world, with primeval emotions, in which eros and ethos fight in a duel that can only have its epilogue in death. .
“Visione Meridiana” is a project carried out by the Agricantus Cooperative of Palermo and by Estreusa of Caltanissetta with the support of the national network of Stone Theaters. The program ends on Sunday 28 August at the Arab Bath of Cefalà Diana with the staging of “PerSéFone” by Ghianni Ritsos, with Elisa Di Dio directed by Filippa Ilardo.

Source: PalermoToday

Palermo Classica, Solunto’s Summer Concerts

Palermo Classica, presents the 2022 edition of “The Summer Concerts of Solunto”, which will be held at the Archaeological Park of Solunto (Via Collegio Romano – 90017 Santa Flavia (PA). The concerts will be free admission subject to availability.

For info – ​​Telephone 091332208 – Mobile +39 3488697632

Program of the event

07 August 2022 7.00 pm
E. Morricone – N. Rota – N. Piovani
Women Orchestra
Alessandra Pipitone, Director

11 August 2022 7.00 pm
J. Haydn – L. van Beethoven
Velvet Quartet

August 16, 2022 7.00 pm
P.I. Tchaikovsky – S. Rachmaninov – D. Shostakovich
Oxana Shevchenko, Piano
Alexey Osipov, Violin
Christoph Croisé, Cello

23 August 2022 7.00 pm
A. Piazzolla – E. Morricone – R. Calace
Stefano Romeo, Guitar
Francesco Tralongo, Mandola
Riccardo Lo Coco, Mandolin
Jona Titò, Mandolin

31 August 2022 7.00 pm
D. Scarlatti – F. Chopin – F. Liszt
Rexa Han, Piano

04 September 2022 7.00 pm
N. Buogo – E. Elgar – W.A. Mozart – N. Piovani
Palermo Classical Chamber Orchestra
Onofrio Claudio Gallina, Director

11 September 2022 7.00 pm
L. van Beethoven – F. Chopin – C. Debussy – R. Schumann
Sylvia Theresa, Piano

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Personal exhibition in Villa Filangeri, by the painter Valeria Rotolo Romynartnaif

From 23 to 26 July 2022 at Villa Filangeri in Santa Flavia (PA), there will be the personal exhibition of the painter Valeria Rotolo in art Romynartnaif from Bagheria. The exhibition will follow the following times from 17.00 to 23.00.
The exhibition is sponsored by the Municipality of Santa Flavia and in collaboration with the Pro Loco of Santa Flavia.
Romynartnaif offers a series of works depicting all the most representative monuments of our territory and that of Palermo.
The artist has already exhibited in several exhibitions where he exhibited paintings representing “Ballarò” (historic market of Palermo) and other points of the city such as the well-known “Piazza Pretoria” or the “Cathedral of Palermo”.
In this Bagherese exhibition, the artist wants to represent the eighteenth-century villas of Bagheria and its most important monuments, with a naive style where history blends with the contemporary that comes to life through the gushing and understood colors, intensifying the salient architectural forms. The canons of representation introduced in the works simplify the forms resulting in a simplification of the color and in the conception of the perspective plane. Typical style with a naive imprint with the intent of representing a social reality with a fable-like incipit.
Valeria Rotolo was born in Palermo in 1975 and followed her schooling in Bagheria at the institute of art, over the years cultivating her passion for painting with an original style of representing places that remain etched in her soul. Some of the works produced so far have been exhibited at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa in an exhibition held in March 2022, another exhibition was held in Rome in April 2022 and another in Milan art designer week 2022, in addition to participation at the exhibition of the international fair of Montecarlo 2022 and participation in various contests.

The Three Pools: the natural treasure candidate for the places in the heart of the FAI

The cove of the three swimming pools is one of the most beautiful accesses to the sea in Bagheria and Santa Flavia, in the province of Palermo. It is a wonderful rocky coast located at the foot of the majestic Capo Zafferano. It is said that the popular name attributed to what on nautical maps is called Cala dell’Osta, is due to the fact that Cala dell’Osta is divided into three coves, which, due to the calm of the waters and the green-blue color, are reminiscent of swimming pools.

Others argue that the name derives from real lakes, which form on the rocks in winter. The more recent name Cala del Cuore is due to a red heart affixed to the rocks. Whatever the origin of the name, the cove is among the most popular with citizens and visitors, who use it as a beach and for sunbathing, also because in summer it is illuminated until sunset.
The rocky bottom is relatively shallow in the first few meters and gradually reaches about ten meters, making it a perfect place for snorkeling and diving. The lower area is made up of rocks, among which several paths wind up that climb high on a limestone cliff of about 15 meters.
The cliff protects the area from the wind on three sides, leaving it exposed only to the north-west. Above the cove, separating it from the entrance and from Via Perez, a large expanse of wind dunes: a wild Mediterranean landscape, populated with plants that bloom all year round, coloring it red in summer and yellow in winter. For some years the Next association of Bagheria has adopted the cove, and is developing projects for the protection and enhancement of this natural treasure.
The slightest of the problems in the area is that of the signs, there is no signage that signals the entrance, directions, provides information on the routes and the conduct to be adopted, there are no danger signs to delimit the safety spaces. The path is interspersed with walls, steps and mud, despite the slight slopes that would allow people with wheelchairs to frequent at least the area of ​​the dunes, in total safety.
The concrete paths close to the cliff were built more than 40 years ago, many steps have been skipped and the concrete path at the top has shrunk to the point of becoming dangerous. The same state of decay is obviously common to the entire area of ​​the platforms, which despite repeated cleaning by associations and volunteers is soiled by the incivility of a few, who forget to take their waste away.

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“Viva la Mamma” at Domina Zagarella in Santa Flavia

“Viva la Mamma” is the event that opens the 2022 season of the Domina Zagarella Resort in Santa Flavia. It starts again on May 7th with an event dedicated to all mothers and their families, on their feast day. It is the first step in a season that promises to be full of events, shows, entertainment and “stellar” cuisine, under the leadership of the new general manager Luciano Sozzo.

The Domina Zagarella Resort in Santa Flavia in Sicily reopens on May 7th. The 2022 season starts on Mother’s Day, with an exclusive event dedicated to all of them. The event is called “Viva la Mamma” and is a special Mediterranean stay and brunch package, designed for the whole family but with special attention to mothers. The package includes a weekend (of one or two nights) of relaxation, with a stay in one of our best rooms overlooking the sea. Then, waiting for the guests, on the morning of May 8th, there is a tasty Mediterranean brunch on our “Porticello” terrace with breathtaking views and live music. To give even more color to this day of celebration, for the Mothers guests of the Domina Zagarella Resort a fashion show of fine workmanship swimsuits and beach accessories with references to the Sicilian tradition has been organized. For mothers and their families it is an opportunity to treat themselves to style and fun in one of the enchanted places of Sicily.

The garden of Villa Filangeri in Santa Flavia reopens to the public

The Administration of Santa Flavia, communicates to the citizens, from next Saturday morning, the Park of Villa Filangeri will be returned to public use.
It was not easy to restore the paths, weed and prune the numerous tree species present in the park, respecting the existing one. Now each tree, each shrub will have its own name and finally even young people will be able to deepen their knowledge and appreciate the green heritage that we have managed to recover. We were not alone in what I consider an adventure, given the obstacles we had to overcome. For this I would like to thank the staff of the Municipality, the Forestry Administration, the volunteers of the “citizenship income” and all those who in various ways collaborated and dedicated themselves with passion to the rearrangement work. I am proud of the overall result and I would like to dedicate it above all to the youngest who, at the sight of such luxuriant beauty, will find other reasons to protect and respect a heritage that has endured over the years and will bequeath to the next generations. The surprises for the little ones and for the families will be different and we have also reserved a reading area near the new “book house”. We are waiting for you on Saturday 25 September at 4.00 pm with closing scheduled for 7.00 pm after a play of lights and fountains reflected in the green of the park. The park of the municipal villa until 24 October will be possible to visit it every Saturday and Sunday from 09.30 to 12.30 and from 16.00 to 19.00.

Webinar “the brand of Santa Flavia that I would like”

The Pro Loco of Santa Flavia, is pleased to invite the citizens of the Municipality of Santa Flavia to the webinar Smart Digital & Design, the brand of Santa Flavia that I want to . The aim of the webinar is to create the “Marketing Campaign for the Creation of the new brand of the Municipality of Santa Flavia”.
The initiative was born from the collaboration between the Pro Loco of Santa Flavia and WeStart, we are waiting for you tomorrow to learn more about the project.