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Santa Flavia Tourist Train, timetables and info for the service

The City of Santa Flavia, communicate to the citizens, the timetables of the Tourist Train, you can use the service until September 2 and FREE.
The days when you can use the service are 24-25-26 and 31 August and 1-2.
The Trenino Turistico stop will be at the Lido Olivella at the Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo in Porticello, a hamlet of Santa Flavia.
The creation of this service, is an initiative of the municipal administration, with the help of the sponsors, who have made yes, that the idea was realized.

“Know Solunto”, the walk through the streets of the ancient Solunto

Sunday, September 2, 2018 from 09.45 to 12 the Tourist Association Pro Loco of Santa Flavia organizes a walk through the streets of the ancient Solunto. After a brief historical introduction to the belvedere, you will visit the Pavilion A, where explanatory panels with the city plan are displayed, graphic reconstructions of the main buildings and some architectural fragments.
We will then proceed to visit the ruins: the so-called Ginnasio, the Casa di Leda, the House of Harpocrates, Via degli Artigiani, Theater, Public Cistern, Agora, Sacred Area with three-betile altar.
At the end we will visit the Pavilion B, where are exhibited both artifacts referable to the archaic settlement (located on the Solanto promontory) and the material testimonies of everyday life, of the decorative apparatuses and furnishings of the Hellenistic-Roman city.
The guided tour, free of charge, will be curated by the President of the Pro Loco Tourist Office Santa Flavia, Antonina Imboccari, archaeologist and tourist guide.

Elettra or the fall of the Masks

“Today like yesterday, theater is responsibility, awareness of civil, ethical, behavioral problems, commitment to personal choices that can be traumatic but which must be considered inescapable. Today as in the past, theater is the acquisition and governance of means of expression, the affirmation of human conquests, the exaltation of individual forces and of corporate needs. Today like yesterday, theater is freedom, a struggle to be architects of one’s own destiny, a search for the meaning of existence, the mediation of questions often destined to remain unanswered, a refusal to be oppressed, a disdain for oppression. “(Prof. Giusto Monaco)

The municipal administration of Santa Flavia, by virtue of its particular historical history that has its roots in classical antiquity and the presence in its territory of the extraordinary Solunto Archaeological Park, this year, as happened in previous years, has set up a series of events and actions starting from the staging, on the site itself, of some theatrical performances, inspired by classical drama.

If we add that in classical theater, especially in the Greek one, we find the archetypes of the social and cultural structures of the contemporary world, the motivation of the Municipal Administration of the choice to build a project that originates from the classical theater and to it is clear. returns even in the variety of initiatives that can be part of it.

Here is the program:

  • Saturday 4 August “Elettra or the fall of masks” by Marguerite Yourcenar – directed by Mauro Avogadro, original music by Gioacchino Balistreri, scene and costumes by Ivan Bicego Varengo, assistant director Riccardo Rizzo and Andrea Saitta;

Characters and interpreters:
         Elettra Federica Cavallaro
         Clitennestra Anita Martorana
         Egisto Nicasio Catanese
         Oreste Vladimir Randazzo
         Pilade Dario Battaglia
         Teodoro Ivan Graziano
         Guardia 1 Emanuele Lo Cascio
         Guardia 2 Roberto Cangialosi

A production: Compagnia RDA in collaboration with CTM Centro Teatrale Meridionale directed by Domenico Pantano.

  • Sunday, August 5 “Leopardi – The Best” The most beautiful works by Giacomo Leopardi and with Mauro Avogadro with the original and live music by Gioacchino Balistreri.

A production: Compagnia RDA in collaboration with CTM Centro Teatrale Meridionale directed by Domenico Pantano.

The performances will be free entry and will start at 19.00 in the archaeological site of Solunto specifying, also, that the City Administration will provide the shuttles to access the site that will start at 17.30 from the intersection of via G.Falcone, a space where visitors can park their cars,

The Mayor Salvatore Sanfilippo and the Councilor for Productive Activities Dr. Maria Rosa Sanfilippo

Street Food Festival del Gusto

The Sicilian tradition, combined with the fashion of the moment, arrives in Porticello, a hamlet of Santa Flavia, the Street Food, labeled Associazione Siciliamo.

The event will take place in the fish market area on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 July, all starting at 18.00.
There will be all the specialties of our Sicilian tradition, such as sandwich with spleen, panelle, crocche and other specialties such as Kabab.
In the two evening it will be possible to see the Montereale Folklore Group and listen to the music of “La Tribù che Balla”.

Sagra della Cozza Porticello Santa Flavia (PA)

The Mussel Festival

It will be held in the picturesque seaside village of Porticello (Largo Trizzanò), the next 22 July starting at 18.00, the first mussel festival. The event, organized by the Sicilian association of the bartender Antonio Buttitta, falls within the calendar of summer events organized and promoted by the municipal administration of Santa Flavia, led by Mayor Salvatore Sanfilippo.
It will be an evening of culinary traditions and entertainment; the dishes will be prepared in compliance with the most traditional Sicilian recipes. To taste the dishes you will have to pay a 6 euro ticket which includes: a dish of pasta with mussels, mussels burst, sandwiches and a glass of good white wine.
The association Siciliamo and its president Antonio Buttitta have set in motion for some time to promote in various locations of the Palermo hinterland various gastronomic initiatives of street food and festivals to make known our Sicilian products around Sicily and to bring the our delicacies around Italy.