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Sagra della Cozza Porticello Santa Flavia (PA)

The Mussel Festival

It will be held in the picturesque seaside village of Porticello (Largo Trizzanò), the next 22 July starting at 18.00, the first mussel festival. The event, organized by the Sicilian association of the bartender Antonio Buttitta, falls within the calendar of summer events organized and promoted by the municipal administration of Santa Flavia, led by Mayor Salvatore Sanfilippo.
It will be an evening of culinary traditions and entertainment; the dishes will be prepared in compliance with the most traditional Sicilian recipes. To taste the dishes you will have to pay a 6 euro ticket which includes: a dish of pasta with mussels, mussels burst, sandwiches and a glass of good white wine.
The association Siciliamo and its president Antonio Buttitta have set in motion for some time to promote in various locations of the Palermo hinterland various gastronomic initiatives of street food and festivals to make known our Sicilian products around Sicily and to bring the our delicacies around Italy.