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Elettra or the fall of the Masks

“Today like yesterday, theater is responsibility, awareness of civil, ethical, behavioral problems, commitment to personal choices that can be traumatic but which must be considered inescapable. Today as in the past, theater is the acquisition and governance of means of expression, the affirmation of human conquests, the exaltation of individual forces and of corporate needs. Today like yesterday, theater is freedom, a struggle to be architects of one’s own destiny, a search for the meaning of existence, the mediation of questions often destined to remain unanswered, a refusal to be oppressed, a disdain for oppression. “(Prof. Giusto Monaco)

The municipal administration of Santa Flavia, by virtue of its particular historical history that has its roots in classical antiquity and the presence in its territory of the extraordinary Solunto Archaeological Park, this year, as happened in previous years, has set up a series of events and actions starting from the staging, on the site itself, of some theatrical performances, inspired by classical drama.

If we add that in classical theater, especially in the Greek one, we find the archetypes of the social and cultural structures of the contemporary world, the motivation of the Municipal Administration of the choice to build a project that originates from the classical theater and to it is clear. returns even in the variety of initiatives that can be part of it.

Here is the program:

  • Saturday 4 August “Elettra or the fall of masks” by Marguerite Yourcenar – directed by Mauro Avogadro, original music by Gioacchino Balistreri, scene and costumes by Ivan Bicego Varengo, assistant director Riccardo Rizzo and Andrea Saitta;

Characters and interpreters:
         Elettra Federica Cavallaro
         Clitennestra Anita Martorana
         Egisto Nicasio Catanese
         Oreste Vladimir Randazzo
         Pilade Dario Battaglia
         Teodoro Ivan Graziano
         Guardia 1 Emanuele Lo Cascio
         Guardia 2 Roberto Cangialosi

A production: Compagnia RDA in collaboration with CTM Centro Teatrale Meridionale directed by Domenico Pantano.

  • Sunday, August 5 “Leopardi – The Best” The most beautiful works by Giacomo Leopardi and with Mauro Avogadro with the original and live music by Gioacchino Balistreri.

A production: Compagnia RDA in collaboration with CTM Centro Teatrale Meridionale directed by Domenico Pantano.

The performances will be free entry and will start at 19.00 in the archaeological site of Solunto specifying, also, that the City Administration will provide the shuttles to access the site that will start at 17.30 from the intersection of via G.Falcone, a space where visitors can park their cars,

The Mayor Salvatore Sanfilippo and the Councilor for Productive Activities Dr. Maria Rosa Sanfilippo