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Kids & Enjoy, the two days for children in Sant’Elia in honor of Maria SS Addolorata

The Pro Loco of Santa Flavia, in collaboration with Giuseppe Messina Management and the ASDC Sabikah Association, present the “Kids & Enjoy” event for children, an event held during the Maria SS Addolorata di Sant’Elia celebrations.

Event Program:
📅 Friday 16 September 5.30 pm Parade of Walt Disney mascots, street artists and Baby Dance
📅 Saturday 17 September 5.30 pm Inflatables and entertainment for children
📍 Spreading Floor – Sant’Elia Santa Flavia

We thank the sponsors who contributed to the realization of the event, namely 3Periodico, MC Club Tour Operator, Drinko, InG. Vella Design and Business Consulting, Quadrifoglio Srl, Gi.Lu. Stationery, Zizzo food shop, Tobacco Boutique, Solunto Typography.