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The Tenute Rosselli winery tells its story to the Kantuccio di Porticello

An evening dedicated to tasting the labels of the Tenute Rosselli winery, combined with some typical products of the restaurant owned by the company, on 19 December on the small port of Santa Flavia.
The Tenute Rosselli winery was founded in 2013 as an agricultural company specialized in the production of very fine extra virgin olive oil. The passion for the fruits of the earth, together with that for the kitchen of Gregorio Rosselli, a young entrepreneur, has led him to increase the agricultural activity and to direct it towards the production of quality wines.
Wednesday, December 19 in Porticello, seaside village of Santa Flavia in the province of Palermo, at Kantuccio, the gourmet tavern overlooking the marina of Santa Flavia, will open to the public of wine enthusiasts and press to present the project of the Tenute Rosselli winery.

here’s the menu

  • Milk croquettes, panelle and crocchè (Paired: Araciu Grillo 2017)
  • Fish and potato croquettes (Paired: Tampasia Inzolia 2017)
  • Arancinette di mare (paired with: Amunì Viogner 2017)
  • Swordfish rolls (Paired: Camìna Chardonnay 2017)
  • Baked primose, scones with ricotta (paired with: Cùrri Nero d’Avola 2016)
  • Caponata of swordfish, “margheritine” of mixed tastes (Paired: 6Punto4 Merlot 2016)
  • Sfincette di natale (pairing: cannellino of the house)

Cost per person 15 euros. For info and reservations 091 957316

Pietro Zizzo

Consultant Communication & Web at various Local and National Public and Private Organizations (Team Spa, FIDA “Federazione Italiana Danza Amatori”). Head of the National Association "La Città che Vorrei"