Splendor and nobility at Villa Filangeri

On Sunday 27 September in Santa Flavia, at the prestigious location of Villa Filangeri, the event “Splendore e nobiltà” will take place, a cultural journey between stories, music and clothes.
The event is organized by the “Events and Culture” Association with the patronage of the Sicilian Regional Assembly and the Municipality of Santa Flavia.
The event will have as a media partner the precious contribution of the Tourist Association Pro Loco of Santa Flavia, the Siciliando community and the La Piana d’Oro Association.
The gates of the villa will be open at 5 pm, and until 8 pm, visitors will be accompanied on a pleasant historical-cultural itinerary where they can admire the exhibition located in the rooms of the building, listening to the stories and customs of the noble families.

A history spanning more than two centuries, from the 1600s to the early 1900s, which will take shape with the period costumes created by the costume designer Ignazio Rondone, of the cultural association “Gruppo storico Conte Rutelli” of Valledolmo.
Rondone has created, in twenty years of tailoring activity, as many as 500 dresses ranging from the Middle Ages to the period of the Leopard. A fine collection that has led him to set up exhibitions throughout Sicily and to see his clothes paraded with pride in important events such as the Castellana di Caccamo.
To avoid crowds, there is a shift of guided visits, which will be reserved, from time to time, to a small number of people.
From 8.45 pm the notes of the most famous classical music composers will echo in the courtyard with the string quartet composed of Virginia Gurrera (1st violin), Federico Castelluccio (2nd violin), Salvatore D’Amato (viola) and Giuseppe D’Amato (cello).
A unique opportunity because the concert will be in an acoustic version with the sound of the instruments pure, without any amplification, just as it happened at the time of the aristocratic families that we intend to pay homage during the event.
Also in this case unlimited access cannot be allowed, but to allow more people to enjoy the performance, the concert will be divided into two mini concerts lasting about half an hour each. The first shift must be at the entrance at 20:30, the second at 21:15.
In order not to exceed the allowed number and to guarantee the right distance, it is mandatory to book by writing an email to the address: Associazioneventiecultura@gmail.com.
The organization will communicate to interested parties the availability of seats and the turn in which it will be possible to attend the musical performance.
It is specified that access to the event will be regulated at the entrance to the monumental complex of Villa Filangeri by the organizing staff who will take care to collect visitor data and measure the temperature. Entry to those without a mask will be categorically forbidden.
The event is free of charge.
After the conclusion of the event, Villa Filangeri will host the clothes from the aforementioned collection until Friday 2 October, respecting the same opening hours as the municipal offices located there.

Pietro Zizzo

Consultant Communication & Web at various Local and National Public and Private Organizations (Team Spa, FIDA “Federazione Italiana Danza Amatori”). Head of the National Association "La Città che Vorrei"