Great success for the presentation of the catwalk for the disabled

On Saturday 4 May 2019 in the frame of the winter garden of the Municipality of Santa Flavia, in front of the citizenship, the administration and the trade associations, the project of the catwalk to the sea for the disabled was presented. The installation will be built at the beach of Sant’Elia, a seaside village of Santa Flavia. Click here to view the Ramp project.

They reported:
• Adelaide Maggiore, president of “La Città che Vorre”, Santa Flavia section
• Eugenio Di Liberto, national president of “La Città che Vorre”
• Ing. Massimo Muscolino Architect, creator of the project
• Giuseppe Fricano, who carried out the calculation of the Structure
• Anita Balistreri, disabled girl

They intervened
• Salvatore Sanfilippo, Mayor of Santa Flavia
• Gabriella Pisconti, who presented the wheelchair that will accompany the disabled person.

We also thank:
• Perito Calogero Found
• Marine Surveyor Cosè
• The expired company for the construction of the gangway

Pietro Zizzo

Consultant Communication & Web at various Local and National Public and Private Organizations (Team Spa, FIDA “Federazione Italiana Danza Amatori”). Head of the National Association "La Città che Vorrei"