Club Nautico Solunto Santa Flavia Palermo Sicily

Club Nautico Solunto

The Solunto Nautical Club is not just water skiing, sailing, diving, canoeing, horse riding, fishing, basketball, etc … it is much more than a nautical club. The word “club” makes one think of an enclosed, exclusive place reserved for the elect whose advantages are for the few. The reality of the Solanto club, on the other hand, is a place open to the territory, a place where a large community of individuals is organized together by love for the sea and the value of sport; It is a place that offers an important social service for families, welcoming every day more than 100 young people, whose parents work and need a place that welcomes their children.

Data sheet
 Club Nautico Solunto – Tonnara di Solunto
 Location S.S. 113 n.111 – 90017 Santa Flavia (PA)
Phone 3926835952 – 3282499580
Timetables Dalle 08.00 alle 20.00 da lunedì alla domenica
Note Per potersi associare, il candidato deve essere presentato da un socio anziano.
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Pietro Zizzo

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