Christmas of Loving in Santa Flavia, workshops, shows and entertainment

On 24 and 27 December 2022, the events of the initiative called “Natale d’Amare” will take place. All organized by ASDC Sabikah with the funding of the GAC Gulf of Termini Imerese and the free sponsorship of the Municipality of Santa Flavia.

Saturday 24 December 2022 in Porticello fraction of Santa Flavia, from 9 to 13, Workshop “History and tradition of fishing: the Phoenicians and the tuna fishery” and viewing of films on tuna fishing and transformation. Entertainment for children at the “Fiocco di Neve” corner, where you can take pictures and receive sweets. Distribution of informative material. Porticello (Santa Flavia, PA).

Tuesday 27 December 2022 at the Lungomare (Via Dei Cantieri) in Sant’Elia from 15.30 to 19.30, Laboratory “A sea of ​​plastic”, the theme of plastic and the problem of pollution will be addressed. Together with the participants, 5 rules will be defined to respect the sea and the environment. Finally, small gadgets will be made with the material found on the beach by the operators or by the children themselves as a creative recycling activity. Distribution of informative material. Animation with Mascots, Santa Claus, Natalina and the Elves distributing sweets and sweets; Christmas baby dance. Sant’Elia (Santa Flavia, PA).

Pietro Zizzo

Consultant Communication & Web at various Local and National Public and Private Organizations (Team Spa, FIDA “Federazione Italiana Danza Amatori”). Head of the National Association "La Città che Vorrei"