Bar Basilica and its 44 years of history

The Basilica Bar, and a family history. Born 44 years ago from Gaspare Cusimano and Crivello Maria Concetta. Founded with a single purpose, to put love and commitment into what we did. Retrace 44 years of activity is not easy.

It all started in Piazzale Lo Re from a small Chioschetto named “Le Palme”. After 15 years of activity, the Cusimano family extends the place, moving in front of the Basilica Soluntina Sant’Anna in Santa Flavia.

From which the current name Bar Basilica is born. The years pass and after a long illness, Gaspare Cusimano, the man from whom the whole family project had started, is missing.

From that moment everything passes to his sons Francesco, Salvatore, Amedeo, Giuseppe and Alessandro, who carry on their father’s dream with so much dedication and commitment.

Not to disappoint the memory. Between joys and sorrows comes the new Bar Basilica, taken in hand by the grandchildren with the sole purpose of going forward over the years and bring up the name of that bar that grandfather and grandmother founded for their future.

We are waiting for you on Friday 14 December at 20.30 for the new opening with the new restyling.


Pietro Zizzo

Consultant Communication & Web at various Local and National Public and Private Organizations (Team Spa, FIDA “Federazione Italiana Danza Amatori”). Head of the National Association "La Città che Vorrei"